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Jewellery Care Instructions

Jewellery from O’Dwyer is designed and manufactured to last for generations. We hope your happiness and memories of your jewelry will be shared with your family. Your grandchildren may remember how you smile tenderly as you look at your wedding ring, how you touch it for happiness and strength. This makes your jewellery valuable to them. With basic care and maintenance, your jewellery will always look its best and they will be on their way to becoming an heirloom.

General care

O’Dwyer jewellery is made to an exceptionally high standard, but all jewellery meets wear and tear in everyday life and through use. This is even more true for the jewellery you wear every day. Below are some general recommendations for your jewellery care.


A little thought goes a long way.
Jewellery can be damaged or scratched when it comes into contact with one another or if it is not stored properly. Your O’Dwyer jewellery will be delivered to you in a single box or bag.

We recommend that you keep your jewellery in it to reduce scratches and prevent tangles and damage. We also recommend that you keep your jewellery dry with low humidity, as hot, humid conditions can dull metal and some stones over time. Beyond that, jewellery should be wiped with a soft cloth when worn. This is to remove make-up, oils and general dirt.

Cleaning your jewellery

Jewellery will always look best with a little care and a little cleaning in the home. Regular cleaning will make your diamonds and gems sparkle and shine. We recommend lining a small bowl with a soft cloth to prevent damage to the jewellery during cleaning and to prevent loss of small pieces that might otherwise disappear.

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