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The O'Dwyer style

Our jewellery is characterised by clean and precise stone-setting created by using a microscopic technique that Michael learned during his time in Belgium. The influences of old techniques meet new contemporary styles, creating romance and timelessness, which are the signatures of O’Dwyer jewellery. All of our goldsmiths and stone-setters are fully trained in the O’Dwyer Studio techniques, with diamonds & gemstones being set in minute detail under a microscope.

About Michael O'Dwyer

Every Piece Tells a Story…

As a child growing up in Ireland, I was very close to nature. I would love when summer came around and I got to watch the bees buzzing amongst the intense colours of the flowers. From these memories come strongly coloured stones, dancing diamonds and attention to detail.

From the first day I began working with jewellery, I have been fascinated by gemstones. Studying with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain allowed me to explore the world of coloured stones in great depth.

In the early days of my learning, an experienced gemmologist told me that the stones should do more than look pretty, they should talk to you.

Our stones talk, dance and sparkle.

We believe that a piece of jewellery should do more than just fit your hand. It should suit your personality too.

…Let your story start with us.

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