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Cleaning your jewellery

Jewellery will always look best with a little care and a little cleaning in the home. Regular cleaning will make your diamonds and gems sparkle and shine. We recommend lining a small bowl with a soft cloth to prevent damage to the jewellery during cleaning and to prevent loss of small pieces that might otherwise disappear. For gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts you can use some detergent and warm water. Soak your jewelry for five to ten minutes to soften dirt that may have built up. With the help of a soft toothbrush and some detergent, you can then gently brush the jewellery, especially around and behind precious stones. Rinse well in lukewarm water to remove any soap residue. You can dip your jewellery into medical alcohol afterwards to make sure all the leftovers disappear. Emeralds, on the other hand, are a softer gemstone, so you need to be a little more careful during cleaning. It is possible to use the above method, but do not dip or rinse your jewellery in alcohol to avoid any possible damage.

One tip is that gems sparkle best when they are clean behind the frame.

Pearls or other porous stones can be damaged by water and cleaning fluids. The best way to take care of these stones is to wipe them off with a soft cloth such as leather. Pearls benefit from wearing them. Oils from your skin will naturally help maintain their luster.

We recommend that you bring your jewellery to us if you want professional ultrasonic cleaning.

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have, and remember that we offer a free annual ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of all jewellery from O’Dwyer.

Every piece tells a story!

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