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Diamond, Gold & Gemstone Info
Understanding your Diamond

Our diamonds are always conflict-free. EU regulations require all diamond roughs to be certified by the Kimberley Process, and we only work with reputable diamond suppliers who adhere to these regulations. For more information:

Below please find some general information about diamond qualities, shapes and cuts. We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Round Brilliant Diamonds

*Please note that the diameter in mm (spread of diamond) may vary in each individual diamond.

Gold Types

O’Dwyer uses recycled 18K gold and works with these four alloys: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Swedish Red Gold and Extra Red Gold. Our jewellery is also available in platinum. Please contact us should you need help choosing the right metal for you.

* All the gold/platinum we work with is 100% recycled and ISO certified.

Gemstone Shapes
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