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Lab Grown Diamonds

Wedding and engagement jewellery symbolise love and commitment, some people choose a favourite, meaningful coloured gemstone, others an engraving and many people select diamonds. Diamonds sparkle and glitter, they catch the light and dance fire for you. They are beautiful and one of the hardest materials on earth. There is a magic to a diamond’s brilliance that always catches your eye.

We at O’Dwyer are very happy to provide created (lab-grown) diamonds for your selection. Composed of carbon, created diamonds are grown in controlled environments in a much quicker and environmentally friendly method. This allows for a considerable price difference from natural diamonds (mined from the earth).

At O’Dwyer we believe in exceptional quality for all our diamonds and gemstones and there is no difference between a created diamond and a natural diamond, both are real diamonds, just created differently.

Created diamonds also vary in size, colour, clarity and cut, they look identical to natural diamonds as they are real diamonds. Price varies for created diamonds, dependent on the above factors as it does for natural diamonds. Created diamonds are ethical and environmentally sustainable, which make them a popular choice for many environmentally and ethically conscious people. The desire and demand for created diamonds is on the rise and we are happy to be able to offer you created diamonds as a choice.

Your jewellery is a choice for you, it should make you happy and sing to your soul. The decision is yours should your jewellery feature coloured gemstones or diamonds, natural or created.

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