Last week we had two amazing nights, the grand opening events of our new boutique on Sjövikstorget 14.

We celebrated with canapés, champagne, speeches and with some of you, our customers and friends.
We were delighted to have so many attend show, thank you for your support and, of course, for all of the presents.
It gave us confidence and reassured us that we have chosen the right direction for our company.
Before the guests arrived you could feel the excitement in the air.

The plans for this event started 11 months ago.
It all began last January when we started thinking about a bigger location as our old store started to feel a little small.
We did some research for a new home in the area but without results, so we continued with the preparations for the coming years work.
A few months later we passed by an empty store on Sjövikstorget and contacted the broker to find out if it was still available.
They told us that they had received a lot of interest and were about to choose the tenant but they would wait for us to submit our proposal.

With curiosity and doubt, we booked a viewing to see this much larger store and asked ourselves if we were ready for such a big step.

With our helmets on and surrounded by builders, we went to see the store and we immediately fell head over heels for this boutique.
This was the one! Could it be the next home for Michael O’Dwyer Goldsmith?
Then, everything went very quickly and before we knew it the contract was signed, we were to get the keys the 1st of September.
There were lots of ideas thrown around but it wasn’t until after the summer holidays that the planning started for real.

Designs were finalised, builders contracted, time tables made up. It was game on!

The build started with new walls, more rooms, painting and plastering, new floors and security systems had to be installed.
After all the big works were finished, we began building the goldsmithing workshop and the interior of the sales room.
We were afraid of losing the personal feeling we had in the old store and that the new store might look formal so we set about looking for a solution.
We wanted images on the walls to add colour to the location, so we came up with the idea of asking our customers to loan us their favourite pictures of their weddings to help decorate.
This was a way we felt would personalise the premises and would symbolize our gratitude for their support over the years.
The company is nothing without our customers.

When everything was in order and we moved out from the old location we began the preparations for the grand opening and revealing the new store.

Not only did this involve preparing the new store but also creating new jewellery with exciting and fresh designs for the coming year.
After some chaotic few days the result was an evening when even the Irish ambassador to Sweden, Ambassador Carroll came and held a speech in honour of our new store.

Michael’s mother Mary Maples was the guest of honour and was asked to cut the red ribbon and officially opened the new O’Dwyer boutique.

That night and the following night with our trade party were perfect and we are thankful for all the support and positive feedback.

It’s thank to you this has all been possible.
So like our slogan says…every piece tells a story. This is part of ours.
What will your story be?

Michael, Malin, Lisa and Patrik.